Knots & How to Tie Them-Video

by Fly Fisherman

The three most important knots involved in Fly Fishing are the blood knot which joints the leader sections together, the clinch knot, which ties the fly to the tippet, and the nail knot, which attaches the leader to the line. It should he noted that with the blood knot, joining the leader sections together, there should be at. least six turns on each side, to prevent the knot From slipping. And with the clinch knot, tying the fly to the tippet, I make at least two turns of the leader around itself, before tightening up. This is particularly important when Nylon is used, as it will slip more easily than gut. Extreme care should be used in making ties with synthetic materials.
The nail knot is of great help in achieving a smooth, streamlined connection between fly line and backing, or fly line and leader. This flat-lying knot will move freely through small guides and can be tied much more quickly than older splicing methods. Once the nail knot has been mastered, it can he tied in a couple of minutes.
Other knots of importance are the Turtle knot and the dropper knot for wet flies.
BLOOD KNOT to join leader sections together.
Overlap two ends of leader sections and wrap one end six times around the other. Bring the end back, slip it down in front of first cross over and hold between fingers. Repeat this with other end. Bring end hack and slip it up through center opening. These ends serve as locks. Slowly pull the two outer ends simultaneously so that coils form figure eights along trunk lines. Pull tight, bringing the coils snugly against each other.The video below gives a demo of the blood knot.

Clinch Knot is used to tie the tippet to fly. Pass end of the leader through eye of the hook toward the bend-. Pull it back and wrap it around itself at least ten turns. Bring end back to hook and slip it up through opening between hook and first cross-over.
The end serves as a lock. Pull tippet against fly until coils are tight against eye.

Nail Knot is used to tie the leader to end of fly line, also backing to fly line.
Hold tapered nail, line and leader with fingers in position . Then wind leader downward around nail, line and itself six times, and run end of leader up under loops. Pull both ends of leader tight. Slip knot down nail, tightening by pulling both ends of leader as it goes. Slip nail out and retighten by again pulling leader ends. Then pull line and leader tight to secure final knot. Clip end of line and leader close to knot and soften end of line by breaking fibers with end of nail or fingernail.

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