60° to 68° Water Temperature Range

by Fly Fisherman

Water between 60° and 68° F. is the ideal dry fly range for trout. At these temperatures aquatic insects hatch from the nymph, larva and pupa stage more readily than at any other. Trout are comfortable at these temperatures and they range avidly to their feeding grounds—the “dining rooms” mentioned before. Feeding trout are usually in shallow water, on or just below the riffles, below the gravel bars and in the current runs above and below boulders. The shallow tails of good pools usually hold feeding trout. Along the shore lines where the current brings floating fish food, next to alders, logs and brush cover, and near cut banks, are all good places. Eddies where the white foam collects will find trout watching for water insects and other food to be brought down to them. Because they are in shallower water, these feeding trout are more easily frightened than they are in deeper water; but the faster current gives you a chance to get near them without being seen.

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