The Atlantic Salmon Artificial Propagation

by Fly Fisherman

ARTIFICIAL PROPAGATION.—Because of industrial progress, polluted water, construction of dams to prevent free migration to the spawning grounds, and other interferences by man to upset nature’s balance it has been necessary to depend upon artificial propagation to help maintain the Atlantic salmon fishing in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.
Many years ago, when these fine fish inhabited many of the New England states, Pennsylvania and other states made some valiant attempts to establish salmon fishing in their waters. After several years, starting as early as 1871 and continuing through 1895, the project was abandoned. In spite of the fact that the first and succeeding plantings had produced startling results, there were not enough salmon that survived to make the project really worth-while. Salmon were caught for several years in some of the streams but they finally disappeared and were never seen again.

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