SUNAPEE TROUT Salvelinus aureolus

by Fly Fisherman

A close relative of the brook trout, yet a distinct species. First found in Sunapee Lake, New Hampshire. Called the “Eastern Golden.” More of a lake type trout than is the regular brook trout.
The Sunapee remains in that area in which it was first noted which includes New Hampshire, Vermont and lower Maine. The Salvelinus marstoni and naresi are considered by many to be closer to the Sunapee type than to the fontinalis, or brookie.
Some years ago an interested scientist regarded the Sunapee trout as an offspring of an imported species and not as a native, but this was never officially considered as a fact to record.
This trout is fished for much as is the lake trout and in many respects it is similar except in its outward appearance. The Sunapee trout is adjudged in the top bracket as a food fish.

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