DOLLY VARDEN (Salvelinus malma)

by Fly Fisherman

A relation from the other side of the tracks, to the princely brook trout. Regarded justly, or unjustly, because of its appetite for the eggs of all trout species, as the black sheep of the entire trout clan.
The dolly varden is native to the north western states and Pacific coast from Northern California to Alaska. In addition to salvelinus malma other subspecies listed are spectabilis, pluvius, stenodus and leucomaenis.
The spawning period of the dolly varden follows closely the same pattern as the brook trout. Not a great deal of effort is expended to assist it in perpetuating its race but its depletion rate is slow in spite of it.
Dolly varden is known as Bull trout, Western char, Red Spotted trout, Silver trout (sea run specimens) and Dollys.

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