They aren’t taking flies Today

by Fly Fisherman

Ever heard that statement made by an angler? As you attain skill and knowledge in your fishing you will sprinkle more and more salt on pronouncements of that character. The angler should have stated, “They aren’t taking flies today FOR ME!”
Were the truth known the angler, above, was, in all probabilities, incapable of artful fly fishing—he really didn’t know too much about it. There are times, as I have mentioned before, when trout will avariciously rise to almost any fly cast almost anywhere. It could be that our angler needed periods like that for his fly fishing. It could be that he had better luck with worms or salmon roe, or dead minnows, or cheese, or dough balls, or chicken “innards.” There are some days that fly fishing results seem to come harder than on others and maybe it isn’t the reluctance of the fish, it could very well be us. We could be a trifle weak in our knowledge as to just how to go about it. I can say, with emphasis, however, and hundreds of fishermen will bear me out, that there never was a day, sans earthquakes or tornadoes, that trout could not be induced to take some fly, or some nymph, if offered judiciously.

In the following articles, in which we concentrate on certain ways and means as it pertains to that particular method, we perhaps repeat ourselves and for that we apologize now.
The reason it may be necessary is that many of those methods, in each particular type of fishing, actually have enough similarity to others as to cause procedure overlapping.

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