Persistience is the Key

by Fly Fisherman

I firmly believe that trout can be taken on either flies or nymphs AT ANY TIME. At periods the trout’s selectivity rises to the ninth degree and it requires an ingenious skill and an ingenious system of ideas to interest them. Many times we fail and we tend to blame other factors when it rests entirely within ourselves. There is a method, a “stunt,” if you will, that will arouse them. If we’re lucky we hit upon it, if not we keep our creel odorless. I have spent hours of time and innumerable foot pounds of effort in trying to solve the mysteries of these periods.

I have expended industrious hours in actively catching nothing. I have succeeded and I have failed, but over the years the successes have gradually increased and the failures become fewer. As I have sincerely recommended throughout this site that the reader experiment, try, analyze, test, investigate and experiment again, I am merely outlining what I do myself. It is at times like this that the six qualities of a good fisherman is of most importance. We must observe diligently, we must persist in experiments, we must try logical ways and we must try illogical ways, too, because sometimes the thing we ordinarily should not do is the successful answer to our problem.

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