Bait Fishing II

by Fly Fisherman

Crickets, grasshoppers. large caddis flies, stone flies (called salmon flies in some localities ) impaled on the hook or caught through their collar are fished floating or sunken, either upstream or downstream. These baits are most effective if fished during the period when your trout are accustomed to seeing them and feeding upon them.

Minnow fishermen usually have their own pet way of handling this lure and if one got them altogether in a group to outline their secret we’d find practically a consensus of like methods. There’s no secret in minnow fishing. Make your lure act like a minnow and you’re in. Read the chapter on wet fly and streamer fishing. Miscellaneous baits, and they’re legion, each have their adherents. Cheese balls, dough balls, liver chunks, bacon chunks, beefsteak pieces, fish tails or fins, fish eyes, cut bait from fish flesh, shrimp, clam and oyster baits, crawfish, crawfish tails, caterpillars, other bugs of all kinds and fat pork are but a few of the grocery listings used to entice trout. The top secret of their success is to keep them in the water and try varying depths until the right fishing depth is found.

In fishing bait a general rule to follow, which works in the majority of instances, is, on feeling a touch, to let the trout have the lure a while before striking. Small trout pick at the bait—larger fish are more deliberate, more positive.

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