Artifical Lure II

by Fly Fisherman

A tremendously effective artificial lure is that of the curve shaped wood or plastic wobbling plug of the Flatfish type. There are many lures patterned after this enticer and some of them are pretty good. It is the opinion of many experienced fishermen, including myself, that these light-weight, under surface plugs will get the desired action out of a trout when other lures are not getting the response you’d like to expect. They must, however, be handled and fished carefully against the current and the current will force them to deliver the movement for which they were designed. These little artificials troll well if done just as slowly as patience will permit. If they are not running deep enough, pinch on a shot or two of lead two or three feet ahead of it.

If placed too close to the bait you may lose some of the desirable action which tantalizes the trout into a frenzy of vicious savagery. In striking this type lure usually the fish is not fooling. He bangs it hard and either hooks himself or he doesn’t. The angler has little to do with it. His job is to keep a taut line and hang on.

One procedure to follow with a small lure of this character, in the stream, is to work from the bank and fish it close in as slowly as the current will permit. If the water is fast, keeping the bait too close to the surface, it may be well here also, to attach a shot or two to the leader as outlined above to pull it deeper into the water. Even though the lures are constructed to bite into the current, if it’s too fast the lure turns and rides the top or just spins, twisting the leader ahead of it. If the plug isn’t acting right examine to see if a hook is caught over the leader which sometimes happens and this kills the effective movement.

Many anglers fish the lure across stream to cover the middle waters just as a streamer fly is used, most times. If wading the stream and fishing from the center this is the right procedure. The lure will swing around until directly ahead and this is the spot where strikes generally occur. Some fishermen like to work the bait some distance ahead of them, if the water is deep and this, too, is a productive method.

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