by Fly Fisherman

Under the heading of “Thread Maneuvers,” this part of the subject is covered. Each fly, following its completion, should be cemented at the head. Some do this while the fly is still in the vise and before the thread end is cut off. The cement should be thin enough so that when a drop is touched to the thread it immediately soaks in. Keep your cement thinned JUST ENOUGH so that it will do this. Too thin cement is little better than none at all and the too thick will only coat the surface and dry without sealing the thread thoroughly.

Many tiers finish off their fly with a touch of thin varnish. This is commendable—it certainly secures the thread. The chief objection to this is the hours it requires before the varnish is dry. If the fly is finished with head cement or varnish be sure the fly is completely dry ( at least eight or ten hours) before immersion in any floatant, if this is your practice, in the construction and completion of dry flies.

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