by Fly Fisherman

Deer or Caribou hair clipped bodies are developed by flaring the hollow body hair over the hook the distance you wish the body to cover. Then clip with scissors to form the shape. Cut a small clump (less than Vs inch in diameter) of the hollow body hair. Holding it against the hook at the base of the tail point throw two loose loops of thread over then tighten, winding as you do. The hair will flare up from the point where the thread cuts into it and tend to follow around the hook as you wind and pull. Clear the thread by pushing back the hair with the fingers. Hitch the thread and place the second clump close up and repeat the operation. Keep forcing back the flared hair on the hook shank as you build. This makes for a more closely packed body. When sufficient hair has been tied in to form the length of the body, secure thread with a couple of hitches. Remove hook from vise, if you wish, and trim the flared hair into shape. The flaring of body hair is done more easily over a bare hook than one that has a thread base.

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