Basic Operations- Hook in Vise I

by Fly Fisherman

IN PLACING the hook in the vise some tiers grip it at the bend exposing the point and barb. Others completely bury the point in the lips of the vise with the part to be tied riding above and higher. There are advantages in both methods. Try both ways. (See Photo)) The “exposed point” offers a bit more space in wrapping the body if you can avoid the hook point every turn with your tying thread, floss, yarn, fragile quills, etc. It is exasperating when a part of your floss catches on the point or a nicely stripped peacock quill is severed or torn as it is wound. The “hidden point” eliminates this hazard but supplies a bit less room for wrapping materials. I use the hidden point method and have never had cause to change. The only time 1 place the hook in the exposed position is while fastening beard hackle on small wet flies.

Gripping hook in vise

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