Line Colors & Care

by Fly Fisherman

I am also one of those who believe that color in a fly line is more important to the fisherman than to the fish. Trout, bass or bonefish, to name a few, will hit flies served up on the end of the line whether it is amber, green, camouflaged, or what have you, as long as the leader is long and has a fine tippet. But a light color does help the angler in that he can spot the end of his line in the water and know where the end of the line lies, which helps in finding and handling the fly, particularly allowing him to know just when to pick up neatly and cleanly and quietly so as not to disturb nearby fish. A fly line of a solid color down to within a few feet of the end, and then the balance in amber color, or any other light shade readily picked up by the eye, would be of great help to flymen.

Little care is required to preserve a fly line and keep it in good condition, but since fly lines are fairly expensive, it’s well worth while to follow a few simple rules.
The line should be kept clean of grit or other dirt which may be picked up when fishing along beaches, in rivers, or from the bottom of a skiff. After use, a fly line should always be thoroughly dried by stripping it off the reel and dropping it loosely. coil by coil, on a couch or large chair,
New lines, or lines which have been stored on the reel for a long time, should be stretched to take out the kinks before being used for casting. Have a friend hold the end of the line and stand still, while you walk away, unreeling the line until the entire length is out. Then pull back on it until all the stretch is out. Pull back several times, then rewind the line on the reel.
If the line is being stored for a whole winter, or such a long period, it is advisable to take it off the reel and coil it loosely, in loops at least a foot in circumference, then tie it-again loosely-with several pieces of cord and lay it flat in a drawer. This will avoid tight loops when it is put back on the reel.

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