by Fly Fisherman

This cast, sometimes called the “switch” cast or the “straight
spey” cast, is much easier than it looks or sounds. In fact,’ve seen fishermen performing the roll cast fairly well, who
couldn’t drop their fly on a kingsize blanket in normal casting.
The roll cast is used, primarily, to pick your line and fly
out of the water when conditions will not permit a back cast,
also to lift the line from the water when the caster wishes to replace his fly up current again, with the minimum of water disturbance, or to lift the fly from the water to be followed by forceful false casts to extend the line in distance casting.
The correct procedure is to raise the rod to just past the perpendicular position. Hold until the slack is straightened by the pull of the rod and lifts gracefully almost straight up to the rod tip. Now slash the rod tip forward to about the 9 o’clock position. This maneuver will roll the line, leader and fly clear of the water, with little disturbance, and again send it out to the extent of the line. If false casting is the desired move, the back cast starts as soon as the line leaves the water.
The roll cast is particularly valuable when, at times, the fly has floated too close to you for a regular pick up.


Roll Cast

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