by Fly Fisherman

This cast is a craft exercise used when you wish the fly to alight ahead of the leader and is sometimes used in fighting a head wind to secure a fully extended drive. The action is performed by being more forceful than normally in the back cast and in the forward cast. Toss the line straight up as usual but raise the arm to almost its full extent, spearing the air with your rod tip. As the line in back of you straightens, drop your casting arm straight down just ahead of your starting the forward cast. Push vigorously on the forward thrust. The line in going out should carry a traveling inverted wave. This wave will strike the water, halting the line, causing the leader and fly to be mildly jerked and the fly will then descend to the water where you have directed it.
Another mild form of the grasshopper cast is performed by raising the rod only enough to remove the slack then whip straight down forcefully. This creates a wave in the line which should carry out to the fly itself. It is used more as a minor mend where you wish to jiggle your fly a few inches to the right or left of the path it is traveling.

Grasshopper cast

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