by Fly Fisherman

This act is performed only rarely by the trout fisherman. First, it is abusing a good fly rod and secondly its necessity is an acknowledgment that there is a lack of skill evident in normal long or regular casts. The double haul is used primarily by tournament distance casters, by salmon and steelhead fishermen, who have rods designed for this kind of rugged casting, and by a trout fisherman only when he needs just a bit of assistance in bucking a wind.

The procedure is a timing process in which the left hand, holding the line, more or less forcefully pulls or jerks down immediately following the beginning of both forward and backward casts. As the cast is on its way the left hand raises permitting the line which was pulled or hauled to resume its former position. This pumping action goes on with each cast. The movement accentuates the power in the rod tip giving it an unnatural starting force as it handles the line. The period between the start of the cast and the haul varies slightly according to the amount of line out, being worked.

Double Haul

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